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Therapeutic Recreation

This program will be used in ways which enhance health, functional abilities, independence and quality of life in individuals with disabilities.All programs will provide opportunities to bring about change in individual behaviors and abilities while incorporating participant’s individual leisure interests.

What is Therapeutic Recreation?          Program Mission

Our Therapeutic Recreation Program Leader is Amber Havens.

For more information about this program and its events, please contact Amber at 501-690-0059 or

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The Therapeutic Recreation Mini-Skills Camp will take place at Rose City Community Center (400 Rose Lane - NLR, AR 72117) August 7-11 from 9am-3pm.

Cost: $25 (Must register and pay the Friday before camp begins)
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Monday: Music Madness – Explore the wonderful world of music through instrument songs and dance.   We will have a music themed craft and sport as well as a special guest.
Tuesday: Sports Spectacular – Football, baseball, hockey, oh my!  Today, we will try our hands at different sports while we learn the basic rules of the games while being active and working as a team.  
Wednesday: Art Exploration - Dress for a mess and come out ready to create!  The group will explore different kids of art with fun twists and sensory focus.  We will create in the studio as well as the kitchen, learning some basic cooking in a safe environment.
Thursday: Mad Science - Grab you lab coat and googles and get ready for some fun experiments.  The group will learn some basic science knowledge while conducting mini experiments.  
Friday: The Great Outdoors – We are hitting the trails and getting in touch with nature.  The group will make a snack for the trail and go on a hike.  We will learn about the outdoors while doing scavenger hunting and taking pictures.

Contact Amber at 501-690-0059 or

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