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A prescribed burn is planned for TUESDAY, APril 13, 2021.
Burn is planned for tract 3.

Burn tracts

reasonFire is an important natural process benefitting people, plants and animals that live in Arkansas.  In 2013, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department began implementing controlled burns in Burns Park south of Interstate 40. Controlled fire or 'good fire' is a planned and carefully managed burn used to accomplish specific objectives. The main goals of our fire management program are public safety, wildfire fuel reduction and healthy urban forests

LookingThe oak and pine forests in Arkansas’ uplands evolved through natural fires, and fires set by Native Americans and pioneers. Now that forest fires are put out quickly, our forests have become too thick for sunlight to reach the ground and nurture native plants and young oaks. Controlled fires allow abundant light to filter through to the ground, promoting vibrant, food-producing plants for wildlife.


TeamTeams of skilled fire experts use controlled burns to safely reintroduce fire to these forested areas. Burns take place only when the weather conditions are favorable to control smoke, manage fire behavior and ensure the safety of the fire team as well as nearby residents and private property.

BenefitsFire removes some or all of the thick layers of leaf litter that can inhibit the growth of native grasses and wildflowers, while minimizing the risk of an out of control fire. A series of controlled burns can thin crowded wooded areas, resulting in less severe disease and insect pest outbreaks.


The goals for our prescribed burns are:

  • Hazard Reduction - Reduce fuel build-up to decrease the likelihood of catastrophic wildfires that would threaten lives, park property, and neighboring property.
  • Ecological Management of Woodland Communities - Reduce small woody species densities, decrease vine abundance, increase understory light levels, increase herbaceous plant species diversity, and improve wildlife habitat and forage value. Control non-native species (e.g. Japanese honeysuckle, privet, Japanese silk tree), increase native species diversity, and improve habitat value for wildlife.

The controlled burns in Burns Park are a joint effort between various departments of the City of North Little Rock, The Nature Conservancy, the Central Arkansas Master Naturalists, and the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

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For more information about the controlled burns in the park, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 501-791-8538 or

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Burns Park Burn - 20150130
Uploaded: 03 February, 2015
by: Jeff.Caplinger
Description: Photos from the prescribed burn held January 30, 2015.
Burns Park Burn - 20150212
Uploaded: 13 February, 2015
by: Jeff.Caplinger
Description: Burned the area around the RV Park and Scout Camp.
Controlled Burn - 20160212
Uploaded: 11 February, 2016
by: Jeff.Caplinger
Description: Controlled burn from February 12, 2016