NLR Parks and RecreationFlooding 2019

Parks Impacted by Arkansas River Flooding
Flood Preparation

The Arkansas River is receding. Now is time for clean up.  Please be patient as we make sure the flooded areas are clean and safe for use. Barricades and closures will be in place as we clean up for your safety.

Updated Friday, August 2, 2019

OPEN Areas   CLOSED Areas

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

Riverview Skate Park

Big Rock Quarry

Big Dam Bridge – gate open on NLR side

Cooks Landing Park - closed to motor vehicle traffic, but parking is allowed in upper parking area

Campbell Lake Park

North Shore Trail

Burns Park:

Golf Course

Dog Park (at new location near Tennis Center)

Soccer Complex & Tournament Drive

Victory Lake

Arkansas River Trail between Burns Park and Big Dam Bridge with a detour


Rocket Slide

One Heart Playground 


Tennis Center

High School Baseball Complex

Softball Complex

Disc Golf

Animal Shelter

Hospitality House

Heritage Room


Archery Range

Covered Bridge & Gazebo

Mountain Bike Trails

Equestrian Trail

Shilcott’s Bayou Boat Launch

Championship Drive

Youth Baseball Complex

Yellow Loop Trail


Cooks Landing Park - closed to motor vehicle traffic

Burns Park:

Canoe/Kayak Boat Launch

Pfeifer Loop Trail

Isabella Jo Trail (southern end closed)



If you have questions about what is closed or open, please contact us at 501-791-8538.

NLR Park and Recreation will be posting photos at Google.