Jump Start in Levy and Park Hill

Updated Jump Start Plans
Posted on 03/25/2021

Jump Start Projects Coming to Life

Robert Birch-Director of Development City of North Little Rock

Levy ground breaking event video from 12-18-2020
Levy Finalized plans (load slowly)
***Levy Update 3/25/2021***

Here is what we are looking at right now.  These dates are based on the work to accomplish the demo, drainage, concrete and traffic signal work.  We will do the mill and overlays, striping and pavers as we have enough area for the subcontractors to come do the work.  We will be sure and let you know in advance when the traffic in these areas will be affected.  We will keep you up with any changes as they come up.


E 35th- working now, finished with concrete 4/7

34th- working now, finished with concrete 4/16

33rd- working on drainage, finished 4/23

36th – 4/17-4/23

Pike & W 35th 4/24-6/24

Camp Robinson- start 6/25

***Park Hill Update 3/25/21***
Our engineering team is finishing the last of the updates and changes.  All plans and documents are to be submitted by April 9th to ArDOT.   It will depend on ArDOT for the turn around time, but it should not take long.  We will announce more after the April 9th day.  Meeting Notes Here

 Please follow our Facebook Page for more updates.

The Levy Project is underway.  They construction team is working on the east side of Camp Robinson.  They are currently in Stage 1 and 2 on 34th and 35th streets.  You can see the stages map here.

Here is an update on that status of the seven-year Jump Start revitalization programs in Levy and Park Hill. The Jump Start program has six stated goals:
1. Provide transportation choices and enhancemobility/walkability
2. Increase in housing development/mixed-use buildings
3. Enhance economic development
4. Support existing communities/activity centers/dynamic growth
5. Support environmentally responsible development
6. Quality of place and healthy communities

 For the past seven years, a planning process has been focusing on the Levy and Park Hill Neighborhoods. Funded through Metroplan (the Metropolitan Planning Organization) and the City, a consultant has lead the community through a visioning process to devise a design guideline and form-based code overlay as an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance. This funding came from federal agencies encouraging urban areas to consider how zoning and development regulations can make special places in our community more enjoyable for our citizens. This effort was brought about by the recognition that our society is automobile dependent and our lifestyles are hurting community health. Increased density of core areas will increase walking in those neighborhoods and help improve community health. The goal is to encourage redevelopment of those areas as places to live, work, and play in a compact urban setting. The project that started in 2013 is finally going to start in 2020.

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10.23.14 agenda          

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          2014 Metroplan Annual Report

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Metroplan RFQ/RFP for Engineering Firms

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Family Fun Run and Mini Mile through Park Hill and Levy

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Park Hill and Levy Implementation Strategies and Action Steps

North Little Rock Jump Start Coalition 2015 Goals & Objectives

Park Hill and Levy Implementation Plan Action Steps - Status as of June 2016

Park Hill and Levy Implementation Plans - Summary of Streetscape & Development Concepts



For questions about, feedback on or to get involved with Jump Start, please contact:

Robert Birch
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